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 If you are searching for spray foam companies in Texas that can provide you with high-quality spray foam services at reasonable costs, look no further. Spray Foam of Arlington is your local spray foam contractor. We have been helping clients and customers in giving long-lasting insulation for their homes or offices. One of the many spray foam services that we offer include, closed-cell foam.

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What is Closed Cell Foam?

Closed cell foam is a cell that is enclosed by its walls, thus not interconnecting with other cells. This insulation product is made by subjecting a rubber compound to gas like nitrogen. This is done under high pressure. When used, closed cell foam provides a range of material and density options.

Closed Cell Foam or Open Cell? Which is Better?

These two materials can effectively insulate a home or structure. However, they work differently from each other. As the name suggests, an open cell has lots of cells that are well, open, or not fully encapsulated.  These cells are deliberately left open to have a softer and more flexible material. Closed cell foams, on the other hand, are fully closed as the cells are fully pressed. This prevents air and moisture from penetrating the foam. Closed cell foam is a bit rigid and stable as compared to an open-cell. Open cell foam is not as dense as a closed cell. Closed cell foam can also keep heat in and/or out better than open-cell.

When it comes to expansion, a closed cell cannot expand much as compared to an open cell. So, for big insulation projects, closed cell foam is the better choice. Its rigidness can add more strength to the structural integrity of the building. Closed cell foam is also better when it comes to preventing air or moisture from seeping in. The foam is also resistant to water damage. However, open cell foam can insulate hard-to-reach areas and small spaces, making it ideal in attics.

Regardless of what you decide, let the experts help you in your decision. We can provide you with the expertise and the technical know-how, allowing you to have a well-insulated home that will last longer. Contact any of our crew today and ask for the materials suitable for the project that you want.

How much will Cost to Install Closed Cell Foam?

The cost would generally depend on your location, the size of your home or office, and the coating needed. Call us for a free estimate. Do not worry, we will not pressure you to make any commitment. Our team will be happy to discuss the project with you.

Why Insulate your Home?

We all want a home or building that has a comfortable temperature whenever we are inside. Cool during the summer, comfortable during the winter. This can be a daunting task if your home has holes, gaps, cracks, and openings where air and drafts can enter or escape, not to mention the water and moisture that seeps in. Insulating it with closed cell foam can have a big impact on your home. One of our many spray foam services, closed cell foam can maintain the temperature of your home, provide additional strength and provide you with healthier air indoors as pollen and dust are barred from the outside. Insulation can also deter or greatly minimize outside noise and more importantly, give you huge energy savings, as your HVAC will no longer have to work doubly hard to keep you warm or cool as the air keeps on escaping or entering your home.

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For all your spray foam services or needs, we are a phone call away. Contact us at telephone number (817) 774-9310 and we will provide you with the answer that you need. You can also send us an email for further questions, just complete all your details on our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Closed cell foam or Open Cell foam? Our team can provide you with the assistance that you need. We can guide you throughout the entire process.

So, for all your insulation needs, Spray Foam of Arlington is always ready to provide the spray foam services that you need.

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